Construction Project Information Committee

Responsible for providing best practice guidance on the content, form and preparation of construction production information and making sure this best practice is disseminated throughout the UK construction industry.

  • The Home of Uniclass2

    The Home of Uniclass2

  • Promoting Collaborative Working Within Construction

    Promoting Collaborative Working Within Construction

Note about Uniclass 2015: CPIc ceded the copyright in Uniclass to HM government in 2014 and its developed form, Uniclass 2015, is now a part of the BIM Toolkit published by NBS. Please direct all related enquiries to the NBS Uniclass 2015 page as CPIc can no longer answer these.


The Uniclass fully searchable, open construction classification system.
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CPIx Protocol

CPIx Protocol

CPIx helps clients and their project teams develop a Project Information exchange Protocol.
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The CPI provide guidance and best practice documents, and contribute to major UK industry standards.
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About Us

About Us

Find out more about the organisations contributing to CPI and the representatives on the committee.
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Entities by Form table released

The CPI have released an Entities by Form table (EF) for use and comment. This has been made available in the main Uniclass2 search tool:

and as a PDF download from the main Uniclass section of the website

Entities by Form table revised September 2013

Uniclass2: Demystified

The UK Government’s BIM Task Group have featured the new Uniclass2 system in their weekly news roundup:


Uniclass2 classification system launched for use and review in live projects

The new Uniclass2 classification system, which provides a logical platform for Building Information Modelling (BIM), has been launched for use and review in live projects.

Freely available to construction professionals from the BIM Task Group website,( Uniclass2 offers a searchable application that provides unified tables for structured information at key levels including complexes, activities, spaces, entities, systems and work results. Tables for other information sets will be added.

Replacing the current UK standard classification Uniclass, which was first introduced in 1997, Uniclass2 has been developed, with full industry consultation, by the Uniclass working group of the Construction Project Information committee (CPIc). Construction Project Information (CPI) brings together representatives of the major construction related bodies to provide guidelines on construction information and collaboration, and to ensure best practice in the UK construction industry.

CPI is encouraging users to provide feedback on and suggest improvements to the new system.

Uniclass2 features increased scope, depth and consistency of information covering all aspect and disciplines of the built environment, including infrastructure and process engineering.

The new system is based on proposals by NBS, which were accepted as the basis for consultation by the Uniclass working group. NBS was then commissioned to deliver the first tranche of unified tables that is now being launched.

The Chairman of CPIc said “For the first time ever, the UK has a unified classification system that can structure how construction project information is accessed, developed and maintained. We want to ensure the system is constantly improved so if people can’t find what they are looking for, we want to know.”

Mervyn Richards awarded an OBE

Mervyn Richards is a member of the Co-ordinated Project Information committee (CPIc), originally as the representative for the Construction Confederation (CC) but now as a co-opted member. He has been involved in the writing of Production Information and as a consultant on the Avanti project in which the processes detailed in Production Information were applied on live projects. Following this work he was involved in BS 1192 and authored Building Information Management: a framework and guide to BS 1192. More recently Mervyn has been on the working group to develop Uniclass 2, has been involved with writing PAS 1192-2 and updating the PIX protocol templates to be appropriate for BIM.

The members of the committee congratulate Mervyn on his achievement.