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Please Read: Uniclass 2015

UNICLASS 2015 is a development of CPIc’s UNICLASS 2 and is now cited in the UK National foreword to ISO 12006-2 Building construction – Organisation of information about construction works as the UK response to that International Standard. This has the important effect of elevating its status from that enjoyed by previous versions of UNICLASS.

In 2014 CPIc passed its intellectual copyrights in UNICLASS, including all the development work in UNICLASS 2, to the UK Government for beneficial and government backed and financed development and completion for use with BIM. This has resulted in the UNICLASS 2015 classification within the BIM Toolkit published by NBS. After a period of publication in beta this has now moved to its first formal post-beta issue for use. Development will continue, however, so please do comment/feedback from your own observation and particularly from use on design and construction projects. Whilst CPIc continues and can answer questions about its other documents or legacy versions of UNICLASS, it seems only appropriate to refer enquiries about use of the new UNICLASS 2015 to the NBS.
Questions will very likely be answered by this article and the tool provided for keyword searches

(scroll to the end of the article for the search tool).

If, having read the article you still have questions do contact the author of that page Sarah Delany at NBS (

Uniclass2 Revision Released

Following feedback, a new set of tables has been prepared to take account a number of comments and error reports received to date. Please do continue to let  us have your comment and details of any errors you may find.

The work results table has been removed as it was not originally intended as a classification table, but a means to link one table to another. This has led to some confusion however, so it has been withdrawn from the current development release.

The latest release can be found here:

To provide further feedback or suggestions, please use the CPI/Uniclass LinkedIn Group, or email Sarah Delany (


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