What is the definitive Uniclass2 resource?


A number of people have asked about the relationship between the CPIC website, the BIM Gateway project and the Uniclass2 labs section of the BIM Task Group website. Most importantly, there have been some queries over the “definitive” source for the new Uniclass2 classification system. This short post will hopefully clear up any confusion.

A Definitive Uniclass Resource

The BIM Gateway was a one year joint project between the RIBA Technical Research Department and Central St.Martins College. This was done with the full cooperation of the CPIC committee, and resulted in an open, online version of the Uniclass and Uniclass2 systems, plus a number of visualisations and statistical experiments.

The resulting Uniclass2 output of the BIM Gateway project was handed over to the BIM Task Group for dissemination through the labs section of their website.

Because the Uniclass2 system was (and is) still being updated, it was felt that a more natural home for the Uniclass2 system was on the CPIC website, alongside the original Uniclass system, where the CPI Committee could administer updates directly rather than through the BIM Task Group.

We have now closed down the BIM Gateway website, and the BIM Task Group website has now been updated to reflect www.cpic.org.uk being the definitive resource for the Uniclass and Uniclass2 systems. A legacy page detailing the BIM Gateway project is now available on the CPIC website: The BIM Gateway Project

The Future

Now that we have Uniclass2 under direct control of the CPIC committee, we have a plan for a number of updates for the digital delivery of the Uniclass2 system. These will be released in the coming months. If you have any ideas or suggestions for future updates or delivery formats, then contact sarah@cpic.org.uk, or contribute to our LinkedIn group.

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Entities by Form table released

The CPI have released an Entities by Form table (EF) for use and comment. This has been made available in the main Uniclass2 search tool:


and as a PDF download from the main Uniclass section of the website

Entities by Form table revised September 2013