Terms Of Reference


(Amended to include CIOB who became a sponsor in September 2011 and to include the UKCG instead of the CC)


The Committee shall be called the Construction Project Information Committee.


The Sponsors of the committee shall be:-

  • The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)
  • The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
  • The UK Contractor’s Group (UKCG)
  • The Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE)
  • The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE)
  • The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT)
  • The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB)

Each Sponsor may select two representatives to be Members of the Committee. Each Sponsor may substitute, from time to time, other representatives on a temporary or permanent basis for either or both of their representatives.


The Chairman is to be appointed by the whole Committee from its members. Each Sponsor in turn will have a two year period during which the Chairman must be selected from that Sponsors’ representatives, unless the Sponsors agree otherwise.


The Secretary shall be appointed by the Sponsors for such period as the Sponsors may agree, provided that the appointment shall be reviewed initially by the Sponsors after one year and thereafter at intervals of not more than three years.


The Committee may recommend that the Sponsors appoint a technical consultant or consultants to assist the Committee.


On behalf of the Sponsors the Committee shall promote the concept and use of co-ordinated project information and for this purpose:

  1. Arrange for the printing, publishing and sale or other distribution of the ‘Common Arrangement of Work Sections for Building Works’, ‘Production Information: a code of procedure for the construction industry’, ‘Uniclass2’ and such other documents as may, from time to time, be agreed by the Sponsors, which together shall be the ‘relevant documents’;
  2. Administer the copyright in the relevant documents;
  3. Maintain, publish and review the relevant documents;
  4. Produce educational documents and other material relating to the co-ordinated project information for distribution including sale or hire; and
  5. Work with other organisations to produce supporting documents and information, e.g. BSI publication BS 1192:2007; Avanti project report;
  6. Maintain a website for the dissemination of information on collaborative working;
  7. Take account of the work being done on international standardization of project information.

The legal and beneficial interests in the publishing and literary copyright in all documents produced or published by the Committee shall be vested in the Sponsors jointly and shall be administered on their behalf by the Committee.


The Secretary of the Committee shall arrange for a bank account in the name of the Committee to be opened and maintained, into which all receipts will be paid and from which all payments will be made.

a) Each Sponsor shall appoint one cheque signatory who, together with the Secretary or the Chairman, shall be authorized to sign cheques on the Committee bank account. Two signatures shall be required on any one cheque, which shall include either the Secretary or the Chairman’s signature and that of one of the other signatories. The Secretary or the Chairman’s signature alone will be sufficient for any cheque up to £100 or such figure as the Committee agrees.

b) The accounts shall be audited annually by an independent firm of accountants. The Financial Year shall be the calendar year.

c) Sponsors shall provide funding, as agreed by the Committee, for the reasonable execution of the objectives stated above in the following proportions:-

  • RIBA 3/14th
  • RICS 3/14th
  • UKCG 3/14th
  • ICE 2/14th
  • CIBSE 1/14th
  • CIAT 1/14th
  • CIOB 1/14th

d) Each Sponsor shall be liable, according to his share, for any liabilities incurred by the Committee.

e) Distribution of any funds accruing in the Committees’ bank account beyond present or anticipated needs, as agreed by the Committee, shall be made in the proportions set out in 9(c) above.

f) Until the Committee is dissolved, the proceeds arising from the publication of relevant documents, as defined in Clause 7 above, shall be treated as receipts of the Committee and used for the furtherance of the Committee’s objects.


The Committee shall produce an annual report and a statement of income and expenditure which shall be presented to the Sponsors after the end of each calendar year.


Any difference or disputes between two or more of the Sponsors which relate to this Committee in any way, including its acts, finances, membership or constitution, to be referable to arbitration by a person to be agreed by all the Sponsors or, failing agreement, a person to be appointed, at the request of any one or more of the Sponsors after notice to the other parties, by the President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.


The Committee shall be dissolved by the agreement of the Sponsors.


This Constitution may be amended, from time to time, by agreement of all the Sponsors.


Any Sponsor wishing to resign from the Committee shall give not less than 6 months notice to the other Sponsors.


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