Major savings on the horizon by the use of BS 1192:2007

A British Standard, BS 1192:2007 (now a Code of Practice), has been published to establish the methodology for managing the production, distribution and quality of architectural, engineering and construction information, including that generated by CAD systems. It uses a disciplined process for collaboration and a specified naming policy. BS 1192 is applicable to all parties involved in the preparation and use of information throughout the design, construction, operation and deconstruction in a project lifecycle and the supply chain.

The principles for information sharing and common modelling are equally applicable to building and civil projects. BS 1192 is also a guide for developers of software applications to enable them to support implementation through the provision of configuration files or application add-ons.

The committee were pleased to have a representative on the British Standard committee contributing to the new British Standard.

BS 1192:2007 supersedes BS 1195-5:1998 which has been withdrawn. Among the changes in this revised standard is the incorporation of BS ISO 12006-2 compliant classification tables, including Uniclass.

CPIC holds the copyright for Uniclass and is currently in the process of identifying revisions and additions needed to meet industry requirements. Details of the proposed revisions will be made available on this website for industry comment.

Uniclass has been used successfully in a number of high profile developments as part of the former DTI’s Avanti project and can typically save 10% on cost in a project.

For further information on BS 1192:2007 see the BSI website.