RICS BIM Conference

Pioneered by cutting edge professionals this collaborative, integrated working process is set to revolutionise the construction sector redefining the relationships between construction professionals.

This conference aims to dispel the myth that BIM is simply a technology issue and explains how the adoption of BIM will require changes in workflow, practices and procedures. Specifications, regulations, costs and products will have to be standardised.

With a keynote address from Paul Morrell, the Government’s Chief Construction Adviser, the day will open with a review of the Government’s expectations of BIM followed by an exciting programme that examines the changing roles of quantity surveyors and project mangers, legal and contractual implications and importantly the clients’ perspective on BIM.

Sessions on the practical implications on cost planning and collaborative working and the impact of BIM on infrastructure projects make this a must attend event for construction professionals.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from industry experts understanding how BIM will impact you and how it can benefit your business

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