Annual Report 2005

Annual report 2005

We are pleased to present the annual report of the Construction Project Information Committee for 2005.

This year has seen the continued use of the CPIC Production Information code as the basis for promoting collaborative working. The code has been used on a number of live projects as part of the Avanti project and the committee are expecting to receive feedback for incorporation into a future revision.

 Executive Summary

We have continued to collaborate with the DTI Information and Communication Technology (ICT) project, know as Avanti. The CPIC Production Information Code has been used for the management of production information on the selected projects. A review of UNICLASS is part of the Avanti project. The Production Information Code has continued to be well received and we are greatly encouraged by the endorsement given by Richard Saxon, Vice President- Practice, of the RIBA and Director of BDP;

“This Code should be the essential reference on production information for every designer in the construction industry. Its use will result in high quality drawings, specifications and schedules of work that in turn will result in high quality, better value projects. Clients would be wise to require the principles to be used on their projects”.


The Construction Project Information Committee (CPIC) is jointly sponsored by the RIBA, RICS, the Construction Confederation, CIBSE and ICE. The background to CPIC can be found in the history.
The main task of CPIC and its sponsors is to promote and maintain its publications on Production Information and the Common Arrangement of Work Sections, with the aim of reducing disputes and improving the efficiency of the construction process.

The terms of reference of the Committee are set out in the Constitution and the Membership at Committee members.

The Avanti project

Details of the live projects using Production Information a code of procedure for the construction industry in the Avanti project can be seen on the Constructing excellence website We look forward to seeing the improvements in the construction process that will result from these procedures.
We have attached a report on a selection of the projects listed on the website.

 Revision of UNICLASS

Members of the Avanti project have continued to consider Uniclass and have made suggestions for expansion of the current classification. This is being carried out by specialist working groups for architecture, structural engineering, civil engineering including road and rail, M& E including public health and building services.
CPIC will be reviewing Uniclass in the light of this work and will be setting up procedures for involving the construction industry in the review.


The Code is being publicised through newsletters and house magazines of our sponsors, NBS, and ITCB. Other routes include technical press, ITCBP conference and case study. We are currently examining ways in which we can provide material, which will assist education and training establishments in providing training in the preparation of production information. CPIC has an ongoing commitment to promoting the use of its Codes.

The Code is available for sale from our sponsors’ bookshops or direct from CPIC. It is also available on our web site.

 Finance (year ending 31st. December 2005)

Details of the committee accounts for the year ended 31st December 2005 are available here.


The use of the new Code on live projects has produced clear evidence that the quality of production information can be significantly improved which reduces the adverse effect on the efficiency of the construction process. We believe that use of Production Information will result in significant savings in project costs.