Annual Report 2006

Annual report 2006

We are pleased to present the annual report of the Construction Project Information Committee for 2006.
This year has seen the continued use of the CPIC Production Information code as the basis for promoting collaborative working. The results of the Avanti project have given a clear indication that using the procedure set out in Production Information leads to better communication, avoidance of major co-ordination problems and cost savings.

Executive Summary

We are reviewing the results of the DTI Information and Communication Technology (ICT) project, know as Avanti. A review of UNICLASS is now being undertaken by a working party set up by the committee.
Use of the Production Information Code has increased and we are greatly encouraged by the commendation given by Richard Saxon CBE, RIBA Vice President for Practice; former chairman of Be and of BDP:

“The work of CPIC continues to be very valuable in developing consensus thinking on production documentation. The industry is rightly criticised when it wastes clients’ money through inaccurate or uncoordinated design information, a wholly avoidable issue as the Production Information code shows. The merits of the Code approach has now been proved in the DTI’s Avanti project, showing a measured saving in time and risk, whilst pointing up the need to develop Uniclass in some respects. As more artificial intelligence is added, I anticipate that Building Information Modelling (BIM) will become the future context for the Code, linking design and documentation more completely. I commend the work of the Committee.”


The Construction Project Information Committee (CPIC) is jointly sponsored by the RIBA, RICS, the Construction Confederation, CIBSE and ICE. The background to CPIC is in our history.
The main task of CPIC and its sponsors is to promote and maintain its publications on Production Information and the Common Arrangement of Work Sections, with the aim of reducing disputes and improving the efficiency of the construction process.

The terms of reference of the Committee are set out in the Constitution and the Membership in Committee members.

The Avanti project

The Avanti project was completed in July 2006. The information is now being handled by Constructing Excellence and CPIC are awaiting feedback on the procedure for incorporating into the next edition of Production Information.
Measurements, taken during the live projects, show that the procedures do deliver consistent savings in time and cost.
On the Costains project at Enfield the measurement show results of £4M saving on the £30M project. This is in line with the original CPIC statement that savings of 10% had already been demonstrated.

Revision of UNICLASS

Following the work done by members of the Avanti project on Uniclass, a working group has been set up by CPIC to revise the tables of Uniclass that are as yet not expanded and to add information to tables where information is missing. This exercise is being carried out with input from those involved in preparing CAD drawing procedures, pricing and specification writing. How information is generated and used requires to ensure that the way information is structured can be linked throughout the different stages of the construction process.
Proposals are being prepared for industry comment, which will be invited via the CPIC website.

Finance (year ending 31st. December 2006)

A copy of the committee accounts for the year ended 31st December 2006 is available here.


Using the new Code on live projects has proved that the quality of production information can be significantly improved, which reduces the adverse effect on the efficiency of the construction process. Time and money can be saved as a result of improved project information, providing clients with better value for money.