Annual Report 2008

Annual report 2008

We are pleased to present the annual report of the Construction Project Information Committee for 2008.
Following the success of the Avanti project in implementing and developing the procedures set out in Production Information for collaborative working, which showed significant cost savings and reduction of waste on site CPIC have been involved in the publication of a new document. This year has seen the publication of BS 1192:2007 which is the new Code of Practice for Collaborative production of architectural, engineering and construction information and is the latest document in the library to aid collaborative working.
The CPIC document, Uniclass, is referred to in one of the key recommendations in BS 1192:2007, that the classification system outlined in BS ISO 12006-2 should be used. Uniclass is the UK version of BS ISO 12006-2 and CPIC is maintaining it’s role currently, updating the classification.

Executive summary

The Uniclass group set up, by CPIC, in 2006 has continued the review of Uniclass. The relevance of Uniclass has been brought to the forefront by BS 1192:2007.


The Construction Project Information Committee (CPIC) is jointly sponsored by the RIBA, RICS, the Construction Confederation, CIBSE, ICE and CIAT. The background to CPIC is in the history.
The main task of CPIC and its sponsors is to promote, maintain and supplement its publications on Production Information, the Common Arrangement of Work Sections and Uniclass, in order to promote good practice, increase efficiency and to reduce waste and disputes in the construction process.
The terms of reference of the Committee are set out in the Constitution and the Membership in Committee members.

Revision of UNICLASS

The Uniclass group set up by CPIC has been sharing information in connection with the work being carried out by the members. The Crossrail project has adopted the method of work established by the Avanti project and are using Uniclass for co-ordination of information between the management companies. The group is helping to advise on the use of Uniclass and considering requests for new classifications for the production of object based CAD. Members of RICS having been developing a method of measurement and a set of elements for cost analysis. NBS are developing table J of Uniclass, the Common Arrangement of Work Sections, in order to make provision for the different requirements of specification writing. Methods of procurement require specification information to be arranged for contracts such as design and build, PFI, etc., as well as traditional forms of contract.
Work is being carried out to develop a web tool to access the Uniclass classification from the CPIC website. This will allow projects to be set up with access for participants in the project via a secure system; it will also allow the database to be searched for classifications and requests made for classifications that cannot be found.


The committee is involved in developing a software tool for interrogating the classification system. It is also promoting and developing 3D modelling and building life cycle models for the construction industry and building and asset management.

Finance (year ending 31st. December 2008)

A copy of the committee accounts for the year ended 31st December 2008 is available here.


Now that Uniclass is recommended by the new code of practice CPIC are working to ensure that it is easy to use and can be amended to suit new requirements for developments in technology and sustainability in building projects. Implementing collaborative working leads to savings in time and money and reduces waste by resolving issues of co-ordination before getting to site.